Ma-Seminar Visualization & HCI

Organization Details

Initial meeting: Tuesday, 26. April 2016, 17:00, room 36-232
Seminar dates: Tuesdays, 15:30 – 17:00, upon notification, room 36-232

General Information

The goal of a seminar is to learn how to familiarize yourself with scientific literature. You will be assigned 2 scientific papers from current research in visualization and human computer interaction. Each paper is 10-20 pages long. During the semester you will familiarize yourself with the addressed problem in a larger context, and understand and evaluate the solution proposed in the paper. During term you will present your paper and listen to the presentations of the other participant. At the end of term you will present a written thesis (15-20 pages, 12pt font size) that summarizes the papers, classifies them with respect to current research, and evaluates them.

In summary this means:

  • Read, understand, and compare 2 scientific papers.
  • Search additional literature.
  • Write a thesis (15-20 pages + images, 12pt font size)
  • Give a 30min presentation (20-25min presentation + 5-10min questions)
  • Active participation during the other presentations.